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Have you noticed how a nice smile can open many doors?


Your beautiful smile is the best you can wear

The DigiSmile Solution:
your unique, innovative and effective digital treatment

With DigiSmile you can achieve the best results efficiently and economically.  Our system uses digital media that save you time and guides you through the treatment wherever you are.  Aesthetic and invisible, our treatment will be your secret. The aligners, which are practically invisible, guarantee you the utmost discretion.


Remarkable time savings



Thanks to the weekly scan from your cell phone, you no longer need to visit the dentist for check-ups. 
We will always be in touch digitally through our platform.


The assurance of a specialist at your side, everytime and everywhere


A clear and personalized plan, frequent monitoring, flexibility wherever you are. Close control of your children's treatment. 

You will be informed at all times about the progress, the use of aligenrs and the oral hygiene.


Security and cost advantage  


With our fix and all-inclusive price, you will not experience any surprises during the treatment nor the retention phase.

DigiSmile stands for the highest quality. 

We work with market leaders in every aspect of treatment. 

Our orthodontists are competent and highly specialized doctors.

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Are you a sporty person? Do you like contact sports?

You can do everything you like, there is no risk to get hurt or to damage your appliance. 

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Are you travelling often, are you on holidays?

No problem, we will always be digitally there with you.

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For any age: are you a teen-ager, are you a more mature person?

Our invisible solution is perfect for you. 

How it works

Your digital orthodontic treatment

Finally enjoy your dazzling smile without the long dentist appointments, the tedious commuting to the practice, the exhausting waiting time. Using a special device, you can send your weekly dental scans performed by yourself with your smart phone. The orthodontic specialist will check them, send you notifications about treatment progress and you can arrange monthly appointments on video call.

Step 1 - The consultation with your dentist of trust

An orthodontic treatment is a full-fledged medical treatment and
brings great benefits when prepared and carried out in a
professional manner.
That is why the first step is to perform a dental check with your
The dentist must make sure that you do not have cavities, gum
disease or anything else that needs to be resolved before any
orthodontic treatment.
This check will also include photos, digital prints of your teeth
and an X-ray to process your treatment plan.

Step 2 - Processing and discussion of the treatment plan

The orthodontist defines your individual treatment plan. You will make a digital appointment and discuss it on video call.
You will see a simulation of your treatment and talk specificallyabout the benefits and limitations of your treatment.
You will have doubts clarified, be shown similar cases, how they work and you will be instructed in the use of aligners. Are you satisfied with the call and did you enjoy viewing your treatment?

Let's go then!

Step 3 - Dental appointment

Are you ready? Here we go!
Your trusted dentist got your aligners. He will install the guide
elements on the teeth as seen in the treatment plan and
discussed with the specialist.
He will hand you all the aligners and teach you how to put them
on, take them off, and clean them well.
And there you go! You will also have the telemonitoring device! The scanner will be your cell phone!

Step 4 - Orthodontic checkups

You will never be alone!
Like every orthodontic treatment of respect, the controls are essential to ensure the quality of the result. Don't forget that each person reacts individually to the treatment.
We will not waste your time with appointments, we'll make you save money and... every week we will check your aligners. You will send us a self made scan of your teeth performed via your mobile phone and the device provided, which you can take anywhere... even on holiday!
Every week you will receive notifications about your treatment and once a month you can book a video call with your orthodontic specialist to discuss your progress and improvements.

Step 5 - End of treatment

Are you happy with the result? Or would you like some changes? When you are satisfied, your dentist will remove the guide elements and we will give you the new aligners for the maintenance phase to guarantee the result in the long term.

Enjoy your smile.

Who we are

DigiSmile is a Swiss company founded by medical dentists and orthodontists.
We believe that, in cooperation with general dentists, we can offer the patient an optimized service in terms of quality of treatment, time savings and price. Our creed is to satisfy our patients in a holistic way.
We give dentists the opportunity to treat their patients safely and patients to have the best treatment plan, process and result with check-ups carried out by orthodontic specialized doctors.
Our goal is to improve the orthodontic treatment experience while ensuring high quality.
Health is a value to us, not a commodity and no compromise is acceptable.
Do you think the same?

Contact us!


Frequently asked questions

What should I pay attention to when evaluating various types of treatment on the market? Check that the preparation, the plan and the treatment are carried out by specialized medical personnel. Avoid "do-it-yourself" solutions that do not involve any monitoring and guidance. You will be left alone even in case of problems. It is important that the initial condition of your teeth is evaluated by a dentist and that any problems (caries, inflammation, etc.) are resolved before the treatment. DigiSmile will follow you until you are satisfied with the result. We will also take care of the maintenance phase, to guarantee you a long-term result.

What are the aligners? They are transparent orthodontic devices for aligning teeth.

How many hours do I need to wear the aligners? They should be worn 22 hours a day and removed to eat or drink anything that has a color or sugar (Coke, juice, coffee, beer, wine...). Water can be drunk safely.

What else will I have to do to achieve the smile I want? The dentist will glue composite elements (guide elements) onto your teeth. Don't worry, they are not visible, but if you swipe your tongue over your teeth you will feel them. At the end of the treatment they will be removed. These composite elements are essential for moving the teeth as a whole and not tilting them slightly. They are the guarantee of your success.

Why will I do monthly checks with the orthodontist? The check-ups will be digital but they need to take place. You will take scans of your teeth every week and make an appointment every month with our specialist to check the progress of the treatment. You won't have to move to the doctor's office, but the office will come to you. Checks are necessary. An othodontic treatment is medical treatment and must be followed. Patients left on their own may be at risk.

Will I have pain? No, you won't, but every time you change the aligners you will feel new pressure on your teeth.

Will I have difficulty speaking? Like any orthodontic treatment, the first two weeks will have a period of adjustment. Your tongue will notice that there is something, but you will soon get used to it and will forget you have aligners.

Does the first visit have a cost? Our treatment plan is free of charge. However, at the first visit to the dentist you will have to do a complete screening of your teeth and the general dentist will check that you do not have cavities, gum disease, the need for a cleaning or any kind of problems that need to be solved before any orthodontic treatment. You will only pay for what you have done at the dentist according to your needs. When your dental situation is perfect, we will draw up a treatment plan and you will discuss it with one of our orthodontists. Our orthodontic evaluation and treatment plan are free of charge.

How is the payment done? You can pay for your treatment in three installments. The amount will be directly deferred by us without interest. If you need more installments, we will put you in touch with one of our partners who will offer you monthly payments.

How can I get in touch with DigiSmile if I have any questions during the treatment? You have various methods Send an email or request an appointment. We will get back to you immediately.

My trusted dentist is not on your partner practice list. Can I check with him? Of course, not only that, if your dentist is interested in working with us, he can contact us and we will follow him in the process.

Does dental insurance cover treatment? Yes, in case you have supplementary dental insurance. We advise you to contact the insurance company and clarify with them if the orthodontic treatment is included in your cover.

How much does a DigiSmile treatment cost? We offer two versions according to your orthodontic need: “light” option: 4'950 CHF and “full” option: 6'950 CHF. Both can be paid in three installments at no interest. If you want further installments, a monthly payment is possible at a small interest rate. We will put you in contact with our financing partner.

What is included in the fix price? Everything! Data analysis, diagnostic by a an orthodontist doctor, treatment plan development, lab costs, installation and removal of the guide elements, aligners, weekly and monthly controls, by a specialized doctor, your appointment calendar and request, all aligners (treatment, further correction and maintenance).

How do I know if I am a candidate for treatment? The dentist, during the initial check-up, will be able to clarify it for you. In any case, crowding, spacing and rotations can be easily resolved.

How should I start? Call a partner practice and make an appointment. Or, does your dentist have a scanner and you want to do the treatment with him? That's perfect. Send us an email and we'll contact him.


Contact us

Our Address

Spechtweg 1

4552, Derendingen (SO) 


Let's get in contact

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Information for the dentists

Dear colleague,
thank you for your interest in our system.
This is a portal developed by dentists and orthodontists for orthodontic collaboration between colleagues.
We give the possibility to practices without an orthodontist in place to extend their treatment portfolio in a professional and safe way. We do not offer do-it-yourself treatments. We are doctors and work with doctors. The patient is always at the center of our process.
If you are interested in orthodontics and in our system you can contact us at any time. We will come to you and explain in detail the process and the great advantages we offer you.
Our partner doctors and practices all carry out certifications and are trained to achieve the perfect synergy and communication with the orthodontists.
If at the moment your practice is not equipped with a scanner, le's talk about it! Also for this reason we can help you.
Contact us at

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